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Almost every website that sells silicone or TPE sex dolls on the Internet works in a similar way. Most are geared towards USA or European markets, and give the impression that they hold their inventory – that is, all their sex dolls – in the same country as the buyer.

But this is not true.

Website in the USA, but factory in China

Most sex doll websites take orders from Western buyers, then order the doll from a factory in China and ask for it to be sent to the buyer’s address (i.e. your address). This is basically an elaborate form of drop-shipping, whereby the seller does not hold any products at all.

It’s important to be aware of this because there are sometimes problems getting dolls through customs. In short, someone has to pay the import duty, and the paperwork needs to be correct.

Since most doll buyers are in the USA (let’s leave out the large Chinese market, which isn’t relevant here), and most sex dolls are manufactured in China (both silicone and TPE), this is an ongoing problem: there is no free trade deal between the US and China.

Alibaba delivery problems

A common problem is buying sex dolls from Chinese websites like Alibaba. These outfits rarely speak English very well, and often screw up the paperwork. When I ran my own sex doll retail website, I once ordered a doll from Alibaba for a customer in Canada. The doll arrived in Canada, but customs officials would not release the doll for delivery because the paperwork was incomplete and the duty was not paid. It should be noted however that many good factories have accounts with Alibaba. Sadly, however, some accounts sell counterfeit dolls.

Import duty and paperwork issues

Ban silicone and TPE sex dolls?With my help, the buyer attempted to pay the duty (I said I would reimburse him later), but for a number of bureaucratic reasons, this failed. The buyer’s phone number was required for the shipping document, but had not been added. However, the main reason for the log-jam was that the seller in China could not provide the correct paperwork.

So how can I be sure I’ll get my sex doll?

Thankfully, there are a number of sex doll retailers who have a lot of experience in ensuring dolls pass through customs unhindered. They understand the various pitfalls and ensure any additional duty does not fall on the customers. Often, they mark the doll as a ‘Gift’ which can eliminate or reduce the import duty.

Pre-paid import Duty

A good sex doll company will tell you that the import duty is included in the price – or that they will pay it (which is basically the same thing).

Other pitfalls

Some countries do not permit sex dolls or indeed any type of sex toy into their country. This is ostensibly for religious reasons, but one suspects they don’t like the idea of their womenfolk using dildos (especially in India).

Countries that have banned sex toys:

  • Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Maldives

And the US state of Alabama should get a mention too. They are not permitted for sale. If you live here you can simply have your doll sent to a FedEx or UPS depot in a neighbouring state.

Younger looking dolls

Ordering an excessively youthful doll from any of these websites will land you in very hot water if you live in North America or Europe. People have been successfully prosecuted in the UK, Norway, Canada and other countries. Even buying dolls that look like adults but have a smaller stature could get you in trouble with the authorities. Don’t even think about it.

What about Can I trust the information on that site?

 Sukiwaa gets us hot! is a very popular forum where people go to buy and sell their dolls, to offer reviews of new dolls, and provide advice to newbies. It is undeniably a great resource, but as a visitor you should be aware that the entire site is geared towards selling dolls from companies who pay to advertise on the site. Since the firms on the site are in generally very reputable, the forum is (usually) a force for good.

Profit-focussed or best buys?

However, the bosses of the site are in it for the money – so when someone asks a question about a doll retailer not advertising on the forum, they nearly always say they are a scam. From personal experience I know this is not always true – but it underlines the point: dollforum is a business, and getting you the best price is not their top priority. Websites that advertise on the site pay a hefty premium, which is passed on to the buyer.

Protectionist forum?

In terms if free trade, the forum is the equivalent of a protectionist organisation – keeping prices high. When I ran my own sell doll retail website, I mentioned my own site on the forum a couple of times and they banned me. An unfriendly and money-grabbing bunch, all in all. However, you can probably trust most of the retailers – especially the factory websites (from whom you buy direct).

What sex doll retailer do you recommend?

I currently work with Sexy Real Sex Dolls (links to their retail site) because they have a very good reputation for getting dolls through customs. They also only stock dolls from the original manufacturers – they don’t send out fakes, which is unfortunately sometimes a problem. They seem to have good relationships with the various factories in China, and list a very large range of dolls – both silicone and TPE – on their site.

Made in Korea?

I also currently work with Silidoll (links to their retail site) – a Korean manufacturer that is well-known for its soft, realistic dolls. This site is actually the manufacturer’s site – so when you buy from them you aren’t dealing with a middleman. The main parts of the dolls are made in Korea. US customers buy dolls which are assembled in the USA, but which are made from parts moulded in Korea. I think there is some tax advantage to doing this, or maybe US buyers prefer to buy US-made products (even though they are nominally US-made).

If you follow any of the links on this page to the above sites and make a purchase, I get a small commission – so many thanks if you do!

Are there any US-based doll makers?

There are a few, such as Private Island Beauties and RealDoll. They are well-reviewed but cost a lot more than Chinese dolls. On top of this, the US-based firms specialise mostly in Caucasian girls (and they do so very well), while Chinese firms are more adept at making Asian girls. Also, US firms tend to work in silicone (another reason for the high cost), while Chinese companies use cheaper TPE ( a type of plastic).

How much do drop-ship-style websites make on a sex doll?

From my experience (I have been sent price lists by Chinese factories), on a typical $2,000 doll, about $600 will go to the seller, with about $200-250 taken out for shipping and taxes. So the manufacturer gets the rest. There are an increasing number of Chinese factories making dolls now, and one wonders if there is enough demand for them to continue. However, with features like heating devices and speech technology, new products will keep people interested. Indeed, many people end up buying more than one doll – and some collect dozens over the years. There’s no doubt it can become a bit of an obsession!

Note: There’s no point going direct to the factory and asking for the retailer’s price, as they won’t give you this unless you are a real shop selling dolls. If they did give you the base price, they would anger and alienate their retailers, which they need to make money. The Chinese factories often make great dolls, but are not very good at marketing them outside China.

How to make sure my neighbours don’t find out

Some doll buyers – especially newbies – are keen that their neighbours do not discover they have bought a sex doll. This is understandable. Most retailers will, however, let you pick the package up from the depot, so you can at least control the timing of arrival. Most firms will also not make direct reference to the doll on the packaging, so you won’t get any knowing winks from the delivery guys.

What about my credit card statement – will it show up?

You’ll need to ask the retail company about this. I know that with Sexy Real Sex Dolls, they only have SRSD on the credit card bill, with no mention of the good provided. However, if you’re trying to hide your purchase from your wife, she is sure to look under the bed at some point!

I’m worried I won’t get my doll

Buying a doll is a big purchase, so it’s understandable you are concerned it won’t arrive, or won’t be as good as you hoped. However, picking a reputable retailer is key. The global shipping system is very reliable, and unless you pick a dodgy retailer, you will get your doll. Learn more about common guarantees, warranties and shipping policies.

How long will it take to arrive?

Most retailers say it will take three or four weeks. This is a case of under-promise and over-deliver, because most dolls arrive in about two weeks. It also gives them some leeway if the doll gets stuck in customs, or some other problem arises.

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Your personal sex doll goddess

Just imagine it. Your own personal silicone sex doll concubine, ready to obey your every command. Your ideal girl, with the kind of face your adore, the shade of skin that makes your heart race, and the sort of eyes that make you ache with desire.

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Approved Sex Doll Retailers

Here at we’re passionate about helping men and  women find the TPE or silicone sex doll that is perfect for them. To help, we manage a list of Approved sex doll retailers, most of which offer worldwide delivery – so you can get your doll fix whether you live in India, the USA, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia – or Timbuktu!

How Much for a Silicone Sex Doll?

Despite huge advances in manufacturing processes, love dolls are not cheap. You can buy a beautiful doll for $1,000-$1,600, although some high-end Japanese sex dolls are priced in the region of $12,000. After such a big investment you don’t want to be disappointed. There are various ways to ensure you get the doll you want. Take the time to explore the many types of doll available, and read plenty of reviews. It’s also a good idea to talk to people who have bought love dolls before.

Best & Most Realistic Sex Dolls

The realism of modern, first class sex dolls is a key reason for their popularity. Gone are the days of blow-up dolls, so ridiculous in appearance that even the horniest teenage boy would struggle to find them erotic. Today, dolls for sex offer a startling level of realism. Visually, skin tone and texture is very close to the real thing. But they also feel like a real woman, especially when used in conjunction with heating devices. Alone in the half-light with your silicone doll, the experience can be astonishingly real. At Which Sex Doll, we’re on a quest to find the best, the most realistic high end sex dolls.

We look at the full gamut of love dolls, ranging from the popular and affordable Chinese-made WM Dolls 100cm doll and  WM Dolls 140cm Angel Doll, to the now-famous Ryan Davis Jasmine doll, to ultra high-end dolls from Japan.

Sex Mannequins of the Future

If you have the money, today’s high end love dolls are really quite amazing. But the future holds even more exciting developments. Los Angeles-based Real Doll, for example (already selling dolls worldwide from India to Indiana), is working on artificial intelligence dolls – hooking up computer systems with motors. These AI sex mannequins still have a long way to go, but it’s easy to imagine that in 10 to 15 years there will be some men who never leave the house because of these dolls!

In the meantime, there is plenty of fun to be had, whether you’re into more affordable (because they use less silicone/TPE) mini sex dolls such as the Riley love doll, or full-size fat/pregnant beauties – or even celebrity sex dolls.

Multicultural sex dolls

It’s worth noting that there are an increasing number of silicone and TPE sex dolls based on different races, from gorgeous Latino models to fantastically exciting black sex dolls, manufactured by top brands such as WM Dolls and Z-Onedoll. Here, we’ll cover them all – just for you.