For real?

For real?

11 Ways to Spot a Scam Sex Doll Website

Love dolls are big business. With prices ranging from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000, many companies – especially in China – are muscling in on the action. Sadly, not all love doll manufacturers and retailers are honest. Sex doll scam sites vary from those who simply sell you a substandard doll that gets damaged easily, to those who take all your money and run.

Unfortunately, while Google’s search algorithm is amazing in some regards, it has trouble telling whether or not a website is real or not-so-real. That means the site that ranks fifth for ‘silicone sex doll’ may not necessarily be as kosher as it looks.

But help is at hand. Here are eleven ways to determine if a sex doll website is real or not.


  1. Poorly-written English

Bad spelling, punctuation and grammar isn’t illegal, or course, but it should raise alarm bells. If a website can’t even find a good translator/copywriter to deliver their English-language website, what other aspects of their business are second class?

  1. Do they have a visible address?

Many scam websites don’t have a clear address or contact number – because this would make it too easy to find out if they are legitimate or not.

  1. Check a retailer’s status with the manufacturer

If a website says it sells WM Dolls, contact WM Dolls to see if they are a genuine reseller, or if they think the site is a scam.

  1. Do a Who IS Lookup

Does that website have a at the end of it? That doesn’t mean they are UK-based. For example, has UK TLD, but doing a “WhoIs” lookup we reveals it is China based. To do a Who Is lookup, just visit and enter the domain you want to check. Bear in mind they may have paid to have domain name protection in order to be invisible.

  1. Too Cheap

If you want a good sex doll, you have to pay good money. If the prices are much lower than other websites, you may either get a poor product, or not get one at all. Shop around and make sure you know the price bracket for the doll you want.

  1. The closer to home the better

You may pay a little more to buy from an official vendor in your home country, but the product should actually arrive and you will have recourse if it gets damaged on the way or isn’t what you expected.

  1. Try and speak to the retailer on the phone before buying

  2. Do those photos look like a real woman?

There have been cases where real women have been used as models for dolls.

  1. Avoid Alixpress and Alibaba

Going by many write-ups, a lot of scam sellers operate on those sites – both part of the AliBaba Group. That’s not to say they all are – but a lot of buyers have had a very poor experience on those sites.

  1. Be China-Savvy

Many sex doll factories have sprung up in China, but they produce products that range from super high quality to blow-up dolls. Many dolls are sold as well-known brands, but are in fact knock-offs. Get to know the best Chinese brands and their authorised resellers.

  1. Don’t rush in

We know how exciting the prospect of buying a sex doll is – especially when it’s your first one – but try do your research, read some forums and blogs, and look at lots of photos before you buy. Do everything you can to ensure your doll is as wonderful as advertised.