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British Sex Dolls?

Sex Dolls UK

Britain has been responsible for some of the most important inventions of the 20th and 21st century. From the TV to the Internet, the telephone to the bagless vacuum cleaner – UK inventors have been very, well, inventive.

Sadly for the British, they cannot add “sex doll” to this impressive list. If they could, it would surely make the UK the most inventive place on Earth.

Did the Fatherland Father the Fuck Doll?

Recent research has awarded Hitler with the ‘love doll inventor’ accolade, although subsequent probes have suggested that the Fatherland’s Furher did not in fact father the fuck doll. Mughal paintings appear to show an ancient forerunner of the love doll, while stuffed cloth sex dolls were used in various navies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Thankfully, the modern love doll is a much better option than drawing a smiley face on a wool-filled sack and calling it Doris.

UK Sex Doll Ban of 1982: A Tight Grip on Fake Fannies

While Britain may have been at the centre of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, its legal system has maintained a tighter grip on the Sceptred Isle’s sexual mores. David Sullivan‘s Conegate Ltd. attempted to import a consignment of sex dolls into the UK in 1982, but the goods were seized by the authorities thanks to a piece 1876 legislation which banned the import of “obscene or indecent” items. In 1987 the firm took action against the HM Customs & Excise through the European Court of Justice, and won.

Thanks to Dave, we can now fornicate with as many silicone love dolls as we wish.

Buying Sex Dolls in Britain Now

Buying a sex doll in the UK is now much easier than it was in 1982, let alone 1876. When it comes to sex dolls UK manufacturers are pretty thin on the ground, which means British love doll enthusiasts may pay a little more than those in Asia or the US, where most factories are based. There are however plenty of UK online shops that specialise in sex dolls.

Brexit and Sex Dolls UK

Since most sex dolls are made in either China or the USA, there shouldn’t, in theory, be any effect on sex doll import tariffs. Who knows, if most of the factories were in mainland Europe, perhaps the Brexit vote would never have happened – for fear of elevated love doll tariffs!