Realistic Sex Dolls

The World’s Most Realistic Sex Doll Brands: 2020 Guide

The super-real A.i. doll Adeyaka (4Woods Dolls, Japan)

“The most attractive part of a naked woman is her face,” said author Kingsley Amis to his son Martin. The same is arguably true of love dolls. A realistic sex doll must have the characteristics of a real-life woman: skin, breasts and buttocks that look and feel authentic – but most crucially, she must have a realistic face. Here we discuss in detail what makes for a truly realistic love doll, whether TPE or silicone – and where you can buy one.

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One day – sooner than you think – they’ll create a sex doll so similar to a real woman that it will be difficult to tell the difference. If you’ve read a particular sex doll “review” on, you’ll get the idea: “I researched and found the most realistic sex doll available. The cost of $50,000 promised a sex doll real to the touch…

The author, Mark McKinney, says his doll had “lifelike skin which is warm and responsive to the touch”, and possesses “realistic sex movements like vagina squeezing and an ass that moves up, down, back, forth, circular too.”

Her “hands and fingers are so flexible the handjobs are amazing!”

Sadly, the review is a satire – a fake – but it makes for entertaining reading (link below).

Thankfully, you CAN buy a sex doll that offers an incredible realism – though not quite as real as in McKinney’s blog. A realistic doll enhances the overall experience for the owner, adding to the sense of companionship – which can often be more important than the sexual component – as suggested by the linked paper (PDF download) from Durham University.

Photographing love dolls

Many doll owners enjoy dressing and posing their dolls for the purposes of photography, needless to say, the more realistic the doll, the better the photos.

Quick tip: when snapping, don’t let your doll sit in one position for too long, as this may deform the flesh.

How to make a doll look like a human

It’s not easy to make a realistic love doll – but a number of companies have created some amazing products.

Some of the most realistic dolls are made by 4Woods of Japan. For example, the A.i. doll Adeyaka (pictured above) offers stunning realism, although the price tag of 680,000 yen ($6,300) is beyond many a doll lover’s budget.

4Woods dolls’s breasts are impressively real (link).

Another film about 4Woods dolls:

Gynoid luxury sex dolls

Before we discuss the more affordable type of realistic dolls, it’s worth looking at the Gynoid series (links to latest AMAZING Gynoid dolls) . This is a truly amazing series of dolls, with a level of facial detail that you don’t often see. On the video below you can also see the mottling of the skin above the breasts, making them look almost exactly like the real thing(s). As one reviewer stated after unboxing: “If you enlarge the pictures, you will see veins, blood vessels and moles. It’s unbelievable!

Gynoids are only available in Chinese/East Asian style, so if you prefer black or caucasian dolls, you might have to wait until the Gynoid company grows a little more. As a relatively new factory, they perhaps don’t have the customer service of some more established brands, but their dolls are out of this world – with prices to match.

Browse super-real Gynoid dolls here!

Affordable realistic sex dolls

If you’ve arrived here in search of real-looking silicone or TPE love dolls that don’t cost a fortune, check out these beauties:[LINK!]

But if you want to learn more about how to find a realisitic sex doll, read on.

A face like a real woman’s

As with real women, the most beautiful part of a love doll is her face (we reckon, anyway). And so your research should begin here. Take the sex doll below from JY Dolls of China – “Yumi” has an insanely real face, yet she costs a third of a 4Woods model. Yumi has that wonderful Japanese/East Asian look, but because she is made of TPE (a cheaper but still fantastic material); and because Chinese labour costs are lower than Japan’s, she costs a lot less.

Yumi with her fetching, realistic face
Yumi, with her fetching and very realistic face (click to view)

If you prefer caucasian American/European-looking dolls, then the C-cup product below shows just how realistic TPE dolls can be. This stunner has been superbly crafted, and again just costs a little over $2,000. Still not cheap, but considering how much work has gone into the doll, worth every cent, euro-cent, or penny.

Sino Dolls also make some pretty real-looking faces.

Sex doll face design has come a long way in the last 10 years or so, and because more people are buying dolls, the price of a doll with an amazingly authentic head has come down a lot.

Sex dolls with faces aged 25-35

Most dolls these days look about 21 years old. But some collectors want a doll with an older face. Sadly there are not many out there, except for Gynoid – which has done a remarkable job in re-creating a girl in her late twenties/early thirties.


Make-up can add an extra dimension of realism to your doll. Most dolls come with a modest level of makeup, and you’ll be able to tell how much by scrutinising photos of a given doll before purchase. You may be able to request extra makeup on your doll. This make-up is “permanent” but will probably fade over time.

You can also add your own makeup – if the original makeup fades, or if you simply want MORE! Some guys (and girls) like heavier makeup, more lipstick, or deeper eyeliner etc. As with real women, makeup can almost make them look like a different person.

Note: You can use regular store-bought make-up for your doll.

Hair (wigs – synthetic or human-hair)

As with real people, hair plays a huge role in the attractiveness of a doll – and a good wig can make a doll look extra real. Wigs can lose their lustre over time, and are unlikely to outlive your doll. Thankfully, wigs are relatively cheap to buy – and many doll owners have a few wigs for different looks. Most doll wigs are made of synthetic material, but you can pay more for a human-hair wig, for that additional element of realism. Note that doll manufacturers normally deliver their dolls with synthetic hair wigs.

It’s important to wash and comb your doll’s wig every few weeks, to maintain that healthy, glossy appearance.


Your doll’s face is super-important, but so are her tits. And of course, you want the most realistic breasts possible. In this area, there is a difference between silicone and TPE breasts. While silicone is more costly than TPE, some say the latter is actually better for creating realistic feeling breasts (but it can vary between dolls). TPE breasts are softer, partly because there is a gap inside each one. If you prefer firmer TPE breasts, you can request that each breast is 100% filled with TPE.

But if you like REALLY firm boobs, silicone is better. However, some people say they are too firm to be realistic. As always, opinions vary, as illustrated by this article from Irontech Dolls.


In the last couple of years there have been a number of dolls that have really made a feature of the buttocks – namely by making them lovely and big! Perhaps the best known of these is “Jasmine”, made famous by US comedian Ryan Davis. Jasmine comes in at around $2,000 – which is quite a good price considering how much TPE they used in the ass area! 

She goes by many names…Jasmine, Shakira, Dominique…(CLICK to read our article on her!!!)

Take a look at Jasmine’s hyper-realistic behind here!

Skin: TPE or silicone?

Both TPE and silicone dolls have soft skin, but once again, preferences differ. Brand new TPE can be excellent, but sometimes dolls are made from recycled TPE – they may be copies of high quality dolls like WM Dolls. If you’re paying much less than $1,200, the doll might be made of recycled TPE, rather than new. Buying from a reputable retailer is important to avoid a fake.

If you like your doll’s skin to look super-real, take another look at the detail on Gynoid dolls – featuring veins and moles. Incredible really. See Gynoid dolls’ skin here.

Vagina realism

Some doll enthusiasts like their “fuck dolls” to have life-like vaginas. A good example of a realistic vagina is this 157cm doll from WM Dolls – as you can see, it’s very detailed indeed, with a perfectly-formed labia minora. This is a fixed vagina, but you can choose a removable vagina, which is easier to clean. Generally, a removable vagina does not retract from the doll’s realism, since it includes the pussy lips, which cover up the ‘joint’. As this article explains, there is no difference in durability between the two types. I know we keep mentioning Gynoid dolls, but their vaginas are unbelievably real-looking.

Larger, buxom bodies 

For many doll collectors, body size matters – whether that’s skinny, medium, or full-figured. Bigger dolls may more authentically reflect the kind of women buyer’s like. Back in 2015, the Independent ran an interview (linked below) with sculptor Matt Krivicke who then worked for LA-based Sinthetics. He fretted that he could not make larger-bodied sex dolls because the mass of silicone needed would make the doll too costly. However, TPE  – the cheaper alternative to silicone – has been used to create chubby or “thick” dolls, satisfying a distinct – and quite large – group of collectors. 

Matt said: “There are mechanical restrictions to our 50-inch torso but it’s not that it isn’t desired. Guys often want attainable beauty. The most perfect faces and bodies are not the ones which are desired the most.”

Human-like body warmth: heating devices and methods

When it comes to physical contact with your doll, body warmth – or lack of – can be important as regards realism. Special heating devices can be added to dolls – for an additional cost – which warm up the vagina, anus and/or mouth. 

TPE dolls: TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) can be heated, but owners must take care not to overheat the doll or it could be permanently damaged. If you don’t have a heating device, you can lay the doll on an electric blanket for a short period, although this will do little to warm up the vagina and other orifices. You might also use a heating pad.

Silicone sex dolls: silicone can withstand more heat that TPE dolls, but you should still take care. You can take a silicone doll into a bathtub – but not for too long.

IMPORTANT: Do not place your doll (neither TPE nor silicone) in hot water if it is fitted with a heating device, because this could damage the heating components. Try not to submerge the head at all.

Sex dolls/robots who talk and breathe

Today, some high-end dolls can talk, blink, “breath” and in some cases even self-lubricate – bringing hitherto unseen levels of realism to doll collectors in the US, Europe, Asia and worldwide. According to Mike Chanowski of Canada’s Green Earth Robotics Inc.,“Consumers are willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars for sex dolls” that offer features such as speech. Chanowski continues: “The programming allows new owners or even a corporation to program conversations.”

The next few years could see sex dolls become ever more realistic. But the days of walking, talking, thinking sex robots is still some way off. But today’s faces and bodies are near perfect.


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