Top 9 Japanese Sex Dolls – 2017

The Japanese or Asian (often misspelled Asain in search) segment of the sex doll industry continues to grow. Not only are men (and some women) buying Asian-style love dolls from within Asian nations themselves, but thousands of individuals from across the Western world are buying them too.

Why we love Japanese sex dolls

Sex doll lovers from LA to New York, from Paris to London – and beyond – have developed a penchant for Japanese-style cuties. Perhaps this is simply because Asian women are especially pretty, or maybe it’s because a huge number of sex dolls are being produced in China (and to a lesser extent Japan and South Korea), which means there is a wide range of beautiful designs coming out of industrial cities like Shenzhen.

The dolls coming out of China from manufacturers like WM Dolls and Z-Onedoll are arguably more refined that some American/European style dolls, which tend to have harder features and bigger frames. What’s more, they often cost a lot more than most of the dolls coming from Chinese industrial zones.

Having trawled the current crop of Japanese love dolls for 2017, we’ve put together our favourite top 10 dolls for the year. Do let us know what you think of our choices.

Listed from 10 to 1.


9. 150cm Asian Style Doll – Silicone – Z-Onedoll

Sex Doll Japanese Style - Z-OnedollFor those who seek a truly Japanese look on their doll, this 150cm beauty from Z-Onedoll (formerly HitDoll) could be perfect. You can even add a heat and sound system to this product for an extra fee. Unlike many dolls these days, this one is made from high grade silicone. While TPE is getting better all the time, silicone remains a little more durable. If you would prefer a different head, this vendor offers a wide range of head styles, with Western options as well as Japanese/Chinese/’Asain’ styles. You can also pick a variety of details such a with/without pubic hair; standing/non standing feet; and eye colour. A truly high end sex doll.

See her on SexyRealSexDolls



8. 153cm Mikoto Real Doll – Orient Love Dolls

Japanese Silicone Love DollJapanese sex dolls that actually come from Japan itself are quite uncommon. Our friends from the land of the rising sun can no longer make high-tech goods without a seriously high price tag. That’s why this amazing Mikoto sex doll will set you back nearly $3,000 dollars, plus delivery. Still, she is a thing of beauty. If you think she’s expensive, be aware that Kanojo Toys – the firm that sells Orient Dolls – has another product priced at $10,000! But she really is amazing.


7. 4’7 Ft (140cm) D-Cup – WM Dolls

140OK, you may have seen this one around in 2016 – but we decided to put her on this year’s list because she remains one of the most popular dolls available. A stunning Asian-style face and a petite frame (which means she costs less to make) are two of the key factors behind her success. The WM Dolls brand name is also well respected – assuming you don’t buy a counterfeit version!

See her more of her here


6. 160cm G-cup from 6YE

Ross - Sex DollHailing from the 6YE stable, this huge-breasted Japanese style sex doll showcases what’s possible with TPE. Coming in at 160cm with a G-cup, “Ross” is available for less than $2,000 – which for a full-size doll is a good price. At time of writing SexySexDoll are also giving you a choice of free garments so your love doll doesn’t get cold.



5. 160cm Silicone Doll – Z-Onedoll – Nala

Superior Japanese-Style Sex DollsAnother silicone doll (as opposed to TPE), this 160cm beauty looks Asian to us – although you may disagree. Ideal for those who prefer more modest breasts, this super-soft doll exudes Asiatic charm. As with all dolls from this particular vendor, you can select a wide range of alternative heads. You also get a free outfit and can choose to add heating and sound technology to your order. Coming in at a few hundred dollars over $2K for the basic model, Nala offers good value.

See her on SexyRealSexDolls


4. 136cm Leonie TPE – WM Dolls

4At 136cm ‘Leonie’ one of WM Dolls shorter creations, made of TPE and coming in at under $2,000 in most cases. Check out the Italian vendor for some great photos of this attractive Japanese-style model.

See her on Bambolodargento



3. 138cm “Momo” – Japanese Style Sex Doll (TPE)

Japanese style TPE sex dollAnother extremely pretty Japanese style TPE doll, this model looks great from all angles, both as regards the body and the face. Available skin colours are white and honey light, with a choice of eye and wig colours available. If this doesn’t have you asking your bank manager for a little loan, we don’t know what will!




2. 160cm “Junko” – Silicone Sex Doll – DS Doll

2Junko is a tall, pretty Japanese girl with a rather traditional way of doing things. We suspect she might still be a virgin, but that could change with the click of a button (and several thousand dollars!). The silicone material explains why this doll costs a little more than its TPE counterparts, but we think she’s worth considering. Vaginal, Oral and anal sex is possible, and indeed encouraged (!), with this model.




  1. 120cm “June” Brown Silicone Sex Doll – Z-Onedoll

The Best Silicone Sex Doll of 2017Brand new from Z-Onedoll this year, there’s something spectacularly beautiful about this Asian-style doll. We love her in brown, but you can buy her in honey-light and white, too. Her sleepy, come-to-bed expression is just spot-on, and she’s been getting the boys in the office rather worked up. If this is a sign of things to come from Z-Onedoll, then we’re very impressed. At 120cm she’s well-priced for a silicone doll, coming in at around $1,700. We say, bag her before they run out of stock!








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More Information on Chinese, Asian  & Japanese Sex Dolls

According to some, the sex doll story began when Adolf Hitler approved the use of blow-up sex mannequins (no, not that kind of blow-up) by his troops during World War Two. Mr H was concerned about the effect on his men of VD, contracted by the numerous prostitutes in the occupied territories.

However, German troops were concerned about being captured and subsequently mocked for carrying such sex aids. They also looked ridiculous and weren’t anywhere near as much fun as a French harlot – syphilis or no syphilis.

It was up to German soldiers based on Jersey to try out the Nazi dolls. So as well as missing out on all the war-action, they were compelled to have sex with inanimate objects.

Today, Germany is no longer the epicentre of sex doll development, with US, Chinese and Japanese sex dolls vying for supremacy. Love dolls are now a million times better than Old-Mono-Ball’s military shag-dolls. The art of love doll making – and indeed doll love-making 😉 – is now practiced worldwide, with a number of pioneer operations based in the United States.

The Chinese Connection

Orient Industries are a leader in Japanese sex dolls

Orient Industries make some of the most life-like dolls available

However, it is in Asia where some of the most realistic dolls are now being made. China, for example, has both the market and the technical ability to make sex dolls for a relatively affordable sum. Thousands of Chinese workers, compelled to find jobs a long way from their wives, have invested in love dolls. These products help manage their physical urges without resorting to casual sex or prostitution – thereby helping them remain faithful to their wives.

Japanese Love Doll Manufacturers

In Japan, where sexual practices sometime leave Westerners aghast, they have pushed the boundaries of realism in new directions. Among the key players in the Japanese sex dolls market are Kanjo, Orient and the appropriately named 4Woods.

The dolls are often designed in Japan, but manufactured in China – with ownership often remaining Japanese. The quality of many of the dolls now made in China serves as a reminder that The Middle Kingdom’s reputation as a two-bit manufacturer is long gone. iPhones, designer shoes and super-sexy love dolls – the majority of these are now made in China.