Ryan Davis (Jasmine) Sex Doll Rant on YouTube

Jasmine Sex Doll

Will you fall in love with Jasmine the sex doll?

It’s unusual to see a (relatively) high-profile celebrity endorse a sex doll – but that’s what US comedian Ryan Davis did a couple of weeks ago. OK, maybe he was using his artistic licence to get a few laughs – but many doll owners will understand where some of his comical observations come from.

It demonstrates how opinions on sex dolls can change dramatically once they actually set eyes on one! Of course, there will remain a sizeable number of people who are not too keen on love dolls – but hey, it’s a free country!

If you’re one of the few people who haven’t caught Ryan’s funny vid yet, you can check it out below.

Oh, that’s Jasmine

Needless to say, Jasmine, the doll featured in the video, has been flying off the proverbial shelves since Mr Davis made his clip, which has amassed 350,000 hits at time of writing. If even 0.01% of those viewers end up buying a Jasmine of their own, there will be some very busy Chinese factories in the coming weeks.

If you want to buy Jasmine yourself, just follow this link.

Snoop Dogg Sex Doll Rant

It seems that when a celebrity big-up sex dolls, people seem less abashed about buying one. The same can’t be said of Snoop Dog however, who recently lambasted his fans for sending him photos of them with their sex dolls! You can check out Snoop’s rant below.

But of course, it really doesn’t matter if celebrities do or do not endorse love dolls. If you’re want one, it’s your right as a free citizen to buy one.

Take a look at Jasmine and tell us she isn’t gorgeous! Surely one of the best sex dolls available right now.

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