What Height/Weight Sex Doll Should I Buy?

First time buyers are often surprised by how heavy their new sex doll is. But it’s important to remember how complex modern sex dolls have become: stainless steel armatures are located inside each limb and in the torso, meaning you can pose them in almost any position. On top of this lies the silicone or TPE flesh/skin, which for a 160cm doll can add up to a lot of weight.

In fact, a full-size doll could be more than half the weight of a similar-sized real-world female. That means lugging 66lbs (30kg) around – not good news if you want to enjoy your lady in the living room and the bedroom!

What factors to consider before buying?

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You should order a lighter/shorter sex doll if you:

  • Have back problems that would be exacerbated by lifting a doll on and off your bed

  • Currently lack strength – since dolls take energy to manoeuvre

  • Want an easier experience when using your doll

  • Want a doll that is easier to hide

  • Plan to leave your doll in the same position for long periods: a heavier doll may lose its shape due to pressure. For example, buttocks may become misshapen if the doll is in the same sitting position for weeks on end.

Opt for a full-size doll if:

  • You want a more realistic-sized doll – and the authentic ‘presence’ that offers
  • You use your doll for photography purposes (bigger dolls offer more detail)
  • You have the strength to manipulate a larger, heavier doll

Height/weight: What’s best for you?

>140cm 50.7lbs (23kg)
Or less
Easier to move
Easier to hide
Shorter dolls are less available;
Possible issues receiving shorter dolls through customs;
More difficult to buy clothes for
Those with bad backs; less strength and/or a tighter budget
141 – 155cm56lbs (25kg)More realisticMore difficult to conceal;
More costly;
More difficult to move;
More difficult to carry
Those who want a more realistic doll
156 – 170cm66lbs (30kg)Most realistic;
Great for photography
Human “presence”; can wear normal women’s clothes
The most challenging to hide;
The heaviest to carry;
Posing takes more effort;
Most expensive
Those seeking the most realistic-sized doll on the market; and/or who plan to use the doll in photography