Standard Sex Doll vs Custom Sex Doll

The rapid growth of the sex doll industry is providing prospective buyers with more and more options everyday.  If you’re into it, they probably make a sex doll for it.  There are MILF sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, granny sex dolls, pregnant sex dolls, the list goes on.  However, what if you’re still not finding that perfect doll that satisfies all your unique desires? 
Luckily, there is a solution for that.  Many doll companies, such as, are now offering a custom sex doll service which allows you to build a sex doll to your exact specifications.
This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of ordering a custom sex doll versus a standard sex doll.

What is a custom sex doll?

Simply put, a custom sex doll is a sex doll that you have ordered with customizations not offered in the set of standard sex doll options offered.  You will provide photos, measurements, and description to a sex doll manufacturer and they will create a doll to fit your requirements.

How much does a custom sex doll cost?

A custom sex doll will cost you anywhere from $7,000 to $15,000 depending on the extent of your customizations.

Why should you consider a custom doll?

Custom sex dolls are a good fit for buyers with a big budget and a very specific look in mind.  If you are concerned about costs, it is much better to compromise and purchase a standard pre-optioned sex doll for $1,500 or $3,000.  However, if money is not an issue and you’re not seeing the doll you want, a custom sex doll is a perfect fit for you.
To consider buying a custom sex doll, you should already have an ideal doll visualized.  It’s important for you to be sure of what you want before you order, as changing the requirements mid-way will lead to additional costs and delays.  If you have decided on the appearance, then you should begin collecting images and deciding upon the measurements to provide the sex doll designers.  Once you’ve completed all that, then it is time to consider ordering your custom sex doll.

  • She will be exactly what you want, you have complete control over her appearance.
  • She will be unique, nobody else will have a doll quite like yours.
  • More expensive than ordering a pre-optioned standard doll.
  • Longer process than ordering a standard doll, can be up to 3 months from order to delivery.
  • Do provide a detailed description including specific measurements and high quality photos from many angles.  The more material you provide the better she will turn out.
  • Do be clear with the manufacturer upfront on the design and manufacturing process.  You want to be sure there are approval points for you to review and modify the design before it goes into production.
  • Do be prepared to provide payment at the various milestones.  Most manufacturers will require payment upfront or a down payment to begin the design process.
  • Do not order a child sex doll.  Most sex doll manufacturers will be unwilling to fufill this type of request, and there could be some serious legal ramifications for you depending on your country’s laws.
  • Do not explicitly order a celebrity or trademarked sex doll.  Many celebrities, adult film actresses, and fictional characters have rights to the use of their likeness.  It is illegal to make a sex doll replica without their permission.  If you must, you can describe your ideal girl, but you should be careful not to mention any trademarked entities in your description.

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