5 Best-Reviewed Sex Doll Companies on TrustPilot

Looking for a sex doll website that has a rock-solid reputation? Eager to avoid scammers or sites selling fake dolls? Here at Whichsexdoll.com, we’ve compared five of the best-reviewed sex doll brands, as reviewed by TrustPilot.com users. 

Before you buy a sex doll, you need to know you’re going to get what you pay for. That means

  • Getting the doll you actually ordered
  • Getting the doll in a timely fashion
  • Good communication from the seller
  • Smooth customs process (no extra fees or delays)
  • Avoiding fakes and scammers

Make sure you choose a reputable sex doll company before you pay!
The best-rated sex doll firms on TrustPilot



Here are the 5 sex doll companies we compared:

Sex Doll CompanyNumber of reviews (by June 2020)TrustPilot Ratings (“Excellent” or “Great” combined)
Silicone Lovers101100% (NB: no poor ratings given)
Sex Doll Genie10491%
Silicone Sex World12094%
True Touch Dolls3874%




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SRSD is one of the best known doll retailers in the US, serving customers around the world. They sell most of the popular Chinese brands, including WM Dolls, JY Dolls, DollHouse, and many more.

What about the TrustPilot rating?

73% of reviews are “Excellent”, with 11% “Great”, 4% “Average” and 3% “Poor”. There are 9% “Bad”. Most buyers seem very happy with their dolls, a situation helped by the fact SRSD shows the buyer photos of the actual doll before it leaves the factory. Most issues related to shipping delays and buyers being surprised by the weight of their dolls. Going by the replies, SRSD works hard to iron out any problems.


Silicone Lovers

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Silicone Lovers is a London-based sex doll company that sells dolls around the world. They offer regular discounts and free heads with most dolls. Brands include Piper Doll, OR Doll, Doll4Ever, Irontech, Doll Sweet, and of course, WM Dolls – among others.

What about the TrustPilot rating?

Silicone Lovers enjoys 93% “Excellent” ratings, and 7% “Great” ratings. There are no “Average”, “Poor”, or “Bad” ratings. The lack of sub-par reviews might worry some, but looking at the reviews they are often very detailed as regards shipping dates and hiccups in the ordering process. Many customers from the USA.


Jasmine sex doll in TPE

Sex Doll Genie

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Another well-established US sex doll seller with a strong emphasis on customer service, Sex Doll Genie sells some less well-known brands (such as the hyper-realisc Gynoid) as well as the big players – WM, 6YE, and Dollsweet (DS), among others.

What about the TrustPilot rating?

An impressive 79% of reviewers gave SDG an “Excellent” review, followed by 12% “Great”, 5% “Average”, 2% “Poor”, and 3% “Bad”. The less-good reviews are down mostly down to shipping hiccups and not being able to secure as large discounts for subsequent dolls.


Yumi with her fetching, realistic face

Silicone Sex World

At Silicone Sex World you can buy either “pre-optioned” (off-the-shelf) or custom sex dolls from brands that include WM Dolls, JY Dolls, Sanhui, and Doll House – plus a few less well-known brands like Gynoid and Jarliet. Silicone Sex World is the UK division of Jumbo Shop LLC, the firm that owns Sex Doll Genie (see above).

What about the TrustPilot rating?

With more than 120 reviews, Silicone Sex World has acheived an 88% “excellent” rating, followed by 6% “Great”, 4% “Average”, <1% “Poor”, and 2% “Bad”. The vast majority of buyers seem very happy with their doll, with a few gripes about delays and having to pay customs fees (which are always refunded to the customer by SDG). With 94% of reviews either “Excellent” or “Great”, this company has clearly worked hard on its reputation.


how to find cheaper sex dolls

True Touch Dolls

Not as well-known as the other sites on this list, True Touch Dolls nevertheless offers a broad range of brands, including WM Dolls, AS Dolls and more. You can pay for your doll on a monthly basis – something not all doll sellers allow.

What about the TrustPilot rating?

In terms of TrustPilot reviews, 61% of buyers gave True Touch an “Excellent” rating, while 13% gave it a “Great” rating. 11% were “Average”, 5% “Poor”, and 11% “Bad”. Since True Touch appears to have been impacted by increased demand during Covid, and shipping delays for the same reason, they got a few ‘less-good’ reviews of late. However, it’s worth pointing out that 74% of reviews were either “Excellent” or “Great”, and even those who left a poor review received their doll after the given (invariably unavoidable) delay. At time of writing it only has 38 reviews.