Buying your doll direct from China: does it make sense?

rsdGlobalisation. Love it or hate it, its one of the main reasons you can buy a silicone or TPE love doll for such a good price.


China and the West have opened up to each other over the last decades, creating all manner of opportunities for businesses on both sides of the world. The West is now a huge market for Chinese goods. The workshop of the world, as it is known, has gone from making third-rate plastic toys to some of the most desirable products in the world: from iPhones to, you guessed it, sex dolls.

And as much as we in the west complain about competition from China, we still can’t make (many) things as affordable or as well as the Chinese. That’s why most of the world’s sex doll factories are located in China. And that’s why many of the best dolls come from there (Just check out the one on the left).

But still, buying a sex doll directly from China can make some people a little anxious. Purchasing something so costly from so far away seems rather risky.

However, if you choose a sex doll supplier with a great reputation, you’re sure to get the doll you want. The only thing that can go wrong is that it gets lost or damaged in transit – and in both these cases the courier will foot the bill. And this, while extremely unlikely, could happen anywhere in the world.

What’s the alternative?

If you live in the USA and buy a Chinese sex doll from a local retailer, that doll has been shipped from China already. But by doing it this way the doll has to make an extra journey – from the retailer to your home. Someone has to pay for that journey, and it’s almost certainly going to be you.

For a US customer that could mean an extra couple of hundred dollars. But if that doll get shipped to, say, London, that could be much more.

Looking at it this way, it makes more sense to order direct from China. You could even spend the savings on an extra head or two!




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