Interview with a Doll Lover

"I own eight dolls and plan to buy more"“I have never had actual sex with any of my dolls”

UK-based doll lover Simon has no fewer than eight sex dolls – and he plans to buy more. We were delighted when he agreed to answer a few probing questions – since not all doll collectors are keen to talk about a pass time that still carries some stigma. You can follow Simon on Twitter @ukwanker


  1. How did you find out about love dolls?

I found out about them on the internet.

  1. When did you get your first doll?

6 years ago.

  1. What was it like to have sex with for the first time?

I have never had actual sex with any of my dolls as I am far too fat but I enjoy touching them, kissing them, dressing them and posing them.

  1. How many dolls do you have now?

I have 8 high end dolls from various companies.

  1. Will you buy more? If so, which models?

I will buy more, I am not sure which model yet, I have a few in mind but finding it difficult to choose my next purchase, they are all so lovely.

  1. What’s the best love doll maker in your opinion?

They all vary so much, it’s hard to pick one out, I have nothing but praise for all the makers I have dealt with.

  1. Do you think you spend too much money on love dolls?

Yes I do but they give me so much pleasure I don’t regret any of it.

  1. Do your neighbours ever ask you why coffin-shaped boxes keep being delivered at your door?

Ha ha, yes they do, I tell them they are sex dolls.

  1. What is the best thing about owning a love doll?

They are so lovely and sexy to look at, to touch, to pose and dress. I love having them in the house, I find them all very exciting.

  1. Some people say owning a love doll helps with feelings of loneliness. Do you agree?

For some people that might be the case, I don’t really get lonely – but I have a house full of sexy dolls so that might be the reason 🙂

  1. Do your friends and family know you own a love doll?

Yes they do, they think I am weird.

  1. What advice would you give someone who was thinking about buying a sex doll?

Make sure you look at all the options first, don’t rush in, there are different makers with different styles, make sure you find exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Do you think dolls with artificial intelligence will become a real thing?

Yes I hope so.



Simon is on Twitter as @ukwanker


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