Sex Dolls That Look Like Humans

It used to be the case that love dolls had more in common with a surprised looking cartoon character than a real woman. But the modern world, as usual, has come up trumps again, having created a whole range of sex dolls that look like humans.

Sex dolls that look like humans?

One day, maybe

Of course, these sex doll, for reasons of litigiousness, cannot look exactly like specific humans. You can’t have a doll that looks like Jennifer Lawrence, for example. Which is a bit of a shame, because it would make a lot of men (and some women) very happy indeed.

Who wants to be a sex mannequin? I do!

But you can have sex dolls which look kind of like a specific person. If you get the permission, of course, you can order a doll in the likeness of an actual person. But let’s face it, not many people want their visage turned into a sex mannequin, do they?

And the truth it, while it is possible to make a sex doll that looks realistic, making a doll take on the characteristics of an individual is tough. Even those folks at Madam Tussauds in London have a tricky time making those celebrities look like who they’re meant to look like – if that makes sense? So imagine how much you would have to pay a firm to make you a doll that looked really like Jen Lawrence…

Sex dolls that look like humans will be here one day – there’s no doubt about it. A raft of Chinese firms already exist who are likely to have no qualms about doing it – the only question is – can they do the job properly? I personally have never seen a sex doll that looks like an actual person – not yet. If we could get the guys at Tussauds to team up with 4Woods, be could well be on to a winner – don’t you think?



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