New Boris Johnson Sex Doll: “Now YOU can shaft Boris”

boris sex doll

LONDON, JULY 15 – A new range of sex dolls has been launched by a leading European sex toy company, designed to capitalise on the “Brexit” vote, as well as the recent British cabinet reshuffle by the newly-installed Prime Minister, Theresa May.

The firm believes the star seller will be “Boris No Johnson”, a blow-up doll designed to let UK Remain voters have their sticky revenge on the chief ‘Brexit’ campaigner, which led to the United Kingdom ending its 43 year relationship with the European Union.

A Different Kind of European “Union”

The sex doll maker, based in Frankfurt, believes mainland Europeans will also jump at the chance to take their revenge on the politician, who was recently handed the job as Foreign Secretary by the new PM.

Wolfgang Schnitzel of Obergrippenfucher GmbH, said: “While many mainland Europeans enjoy British comedy such as Monty Python and Benny Hill, few think it should be given such free reign in the nation’s cabinet. At least with these dolls we Europeans can also say we have a sense of humour.”

Other cabinet ‘members’

“We also plan to release other dolls based on UK cabinet members, giving Britons the chance to ‘shaft’ the public figures that have caused them to leave the world’s biggest trading bloc.”

The range will also include:

  • David Cumeron – with optional blow-up pig
  • Nigel “Bananas” Farage – which includes a very straight, insertable EU-approved banana

EU Sex Doll Tariffs?

Schnitzel added: “Sadly, by the time these products are available, we cannot guarantee that UK buyers will not have to pay a large additional tariff on these dolls, since they are manufactured in Germany.”


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