11 Reasons to Consider Buying a Sex Doll

Once a source of some hilarity, the sex or love doll has undergone a revolution, thanks to huge advances in synthetic materials, armatures (skeletons) – and understanding what people actually want from their doll. As far as some are concerned, the making of these dolls is something of an art form. From Asian fetishists to those seeking celebrity sex dolls, almost everything is possible.

Both men and women purchase sex dolls for various reasons, including companionship, sexual therapy, as a ‘bridge’ following bereavement, to help with feelings of loneliness, and to help fulfill sexual desires – particularly during a period of separation from a human partner. They are also considered by some to be safer than hiring sex workers.

Advanced poseable sex doll

Doll made by DSdoll.com https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

Dawn of a new age (but you can name her what you like)

The days of the blow-up doll with its ever-gaping mouth of astonishment and its unconvincing limbs are well and truly over. Even entry-level love dolls offer a groin-tingling level of believability. And as for realistic genitals, the experience of making love to a sex doll is now extremely close to the real thing.

In short, sex dolls are more exciting, more fulfilling and more fun than ever.

Nosy Neighbours

But that doesn’t mean some would-be buyers aren’t a little embarrassed about making such a purchase. Indeed, many are put off buying one over a sense of embarrassment – or even a worry that a friend, relative – or, given the size of the shipment box, more likely a neighbour – will discover their unusual purchase.

And yet, more people than ever – men, women and transgenders – are ordering these most sophisticated of sex toys.

So, if you’re on the brink of buying your very own love doll and need a little push, here are 11 good reasons to take this most exciting of plunges.

  1. You’re not alone

As mentioned above, purchases of sex dolls are increasing all the time. Indeed, as last year’s Pew Research Center report forecast, robot sex partners will be “commonplace” within 10 years. So if you’re worried about being slightly unusual, we may soon be in a situation where love dolls are a common sex aid in the bedroom.

  1. A love doll helps you meet a basic human need

As Matt Krivicke of LA-based Sinthetics said in a recent report in the UK’s Independent, most buyers are “just people with a fascination for the human body” – and are for the most part “saner” than people you meet on the street. There have also been reports of Chinese men using sex dolls because there are not enough women in the population.

  1. Love dolls are fun

The situations and positions you can get the modern love doll into are truly kaleidoscopic. And your new partner won’t resist even the most unorthodox of demands.

  1. They look like the real thing

Love dolls are now more real than ever. Both mass market and bespoke doll makers have advanced their art hugely. New silicones have also developed that look and feel amazingly close to real skin, while eyes, hair and genital details make the sensory experience truly impressive.

  1. Craving a physical human connection, not necessarily sexual

A doll can go some way to alleviating loneliness, and providing a surrogate for human closeness; it’s not all about insane sex. Kissing and cuddling is also important to many owners.

  1. Can provide a “bridge” following bereavement or breakup

For the recently bereaved or for those who have broken up with a long-term partner, a love doll can offer a “bridge”. It may take some time before a person feels ready to date again; a love doll can fill that gap.

  1. They’re for couples too

Even couples buys love dolls. Often one partner is unable to have sex – perhaps for health reasons – but the couple do not want to take outside lovers or hire the services of escorts. Couples may also simply introduce a sex doll for additional fun.

  1. Safer than escorts

They’re safer than visiting a sex worker or having promiscuous sex – no chance of catching STDs. In the long run, they will be much cheaper, too. Around 10 visits to a sex worker could equal the cost of a doll – and a doll will last for years. Understandably, some sex workers are worried about the trend.

  1. A human presence

For those who are presently single, a love doll can provide some of the comfort of a real person, often making a home seem less empty.

  1. Have the doll you really want – even celebrity sex dolls are now possible

You can have sex dolls made to look like much loved celebrities – or even ex-partners. You can choose the height, face style, skin colour, hair colour and much else besides. Sex dolls are not all mass-produced with a typical toned 18-year old figure. Buyers can order dolls with older faces, bigger bottoms and even squint dentures. Men often want attainable beauty – although there really are very few limits to what can be ordered.

  1. They’re more affordable than ever

With companies from the USA to China springing up to meet the demand for high quality sex dolls, production scales have increased and prices are coming down. That means the kind of sex doll you can buy now is much more realistic – and affordable – than one you could have bought a decade ago.

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  1. I love the robot doll ideas. The man who creates them is incredibly talented. All art is an expression and I think he is a really cool old guy. I’m not a fan of having, owning or making dolls myself but it’s incredibly inoffensive unless your family are being ignored or you lose a grip on reality or other people suffer because of an obsessive mind set.

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