Which countries Google “sex dolls” most?

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What connects Australia, Norway, Finland, Denmark and the USA? Apart from being bastions of Western civilisation, they all have a distinct interest in sex dolls – at least according to Google search data.



To create this infographic we crunched search terms for ‘sex doll’ in the local translation alongside the English term, then divided the figure by the number of people using Google. The results offer some surprising and not-so-surprising insights. For example, Australia coming out number one is a bit of an eye-opener, while India – where sex dolls are effectively banned – coming 7th is equally interesting.

Thinking of buying a new sex doll?

Less surprising are Scandinavian countries dominating the top five – since they often come near the top in terms of general sex toy queries.

The report only looks at the general ‘sex doll’ term, and does not take into account particular penchants for celebrity sex dolls, black sex dolls, big butt sex dolls, pregnant sex dolls, and other keywords that we have shamelessly squeezed into this article. But it does offer an insight into the kind of nations that like these products: well-off, free countries where good diets result in high testosterone levels.

Have you been looking for that special someone?

The US only came 5th, but it remains by far the biggest market for sex dolls, although that assertion should be tempered by the fact there’s little data on China. Google, of course, cannot operate in China, and we don’t have access to ‘sex doll’ search data on Weibo and similar. What we can say is China is where most sex dolls are manufactured, and there’s plenty of evidence that the Chinese are buying plenty of TPE and silicone love dolls. The market may even be bigger than the US – with a burgeoning economy and quick delivery times and no import worries (because they make ’em there).

The UK only managed 19th position, just behind France – both still good efforts. Hopefully if Brexit is cancelled the UK will be able to buy more (because its economy won’t have crashed).

Data is beautiful – especially when it’s to do with sex dolls

The report looks at searches by Googlers in 44 of the biggest markets in the world. We found that many countries use the English ‘sex doll’ as well as the local translation – indeed, in some cases the English term was used more than the local term. In Scandinavian states, the Netherlands, India and many other countries, English is widely spoken.

The 44 countries who search for sex dolls the most

One of the most surprising top-10s is Brunei in South East Asia. This 425,000-strong oil-rich state is a conservative, hard-line Islamic nation where, it seems, people crave a lovely rubber doll of an evening. Interestingly, Brunei produces lots of oil and rubber, both crucial for making TPE sex dolls.

Another one worth making glib comments about is Israel. Why are they so into sex dolls? Perhaps it’s those long stints in the army, away from those gorgeous Israeli ladies? But hang on, they’re in the army too! We say: make love not war.


New Zealand is quite close to the top 10 too: well, don’t expect any uncouth jokes about getting bored of sheep on this website – very baaaaaad taste indeed.

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  1. Leaves me to wonder and ask the question, what is it about Sex Dolls that many of nations find interest in such things as leisure and business alike? What are we as a people not doing to complete the area of interest in ourselves?

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