My First Fleshlight: Was it Worth £35?

Fleshlight Go Surge

By James Cooper

Fleshlight Go Surge


So for a variety of work related reasons, I’ve come across a lot of adverts and websites selling Fleshlights and other vagina shaped sex toys.

So, eventually all the reviews of intense orgasms got me thinking: let’s try it.

As a dedicated wanker, it really is a surprise I never considered buying one before.

I guess it might be considered by some as a ‘step in the wrong direction’ – i.e. away from sexual (and emotional) experiences with women. But I was going through a bit of a dry patch, so I thought – I might as well make the most of it.

There was a small problem with the fact that I am temporarily staying in my mum’s house. Thankfully (and as it said on the website) the box was unobtrusive and not covered in pictures of fleshlights! As soon as I heard the van outside I dived downstairs and signed for it. My mum was there – I just said it was ‘a few books from Amazon’. Thankfully the box was book-shaped.

So of course I had to wait for the coast to be clear before beginning. It was a tough job, as I opened the little beauty up to have a look – and was keen to get going right away. But I had to wait for night.

I got the free lube and another little 30ml tub just in case (not FL brand).

And so, as darkness fell, I went about my first Flashlight wank.

I found the best position was lying on my bed with laptop (I chose my large screened one) at the ready.

So I dribbled plenty of lube on the old chap as well as on the glorious pink hole.

I still didn’t believe it would be as good as some of the Reddit posts I’ve read.

But, in it slipped.

And it was, really, just like slipping into a vagina – although perhaps a little less warm, since I had no way of heating it up (there are devices for this, apparently).


It was really rather good.

The best thing I found was that you could watch videos of really, really beautiful women, seeing their faces alone, in conjunction with the wondrous sucking effect of the FL, made you fell, almost, as if you were fucking them. I always like to appreciate how pretty my lady’s (whichever lady it is) face is as I’m fucking her.

I’m glad I bought the extra lube, since the little sachet that came with it was nowhere near enough. I guess that powdery stuff (potato starch?) on the inside made it drier anyway.

But anyway – so the orgasm…was…awesome….

Now, I’ve heard most FL users say that it is nowhere near as good as a vagina, while one or two have said is CAN be better.

Obviously, with an FL you’re not fucking a real woman, you can’t kiss/cuddle/stroke them – mainly because they’re not there. But the size and fit of my FL was really fucking good. In a sense it did give a better orgasm that a real fanny.

The orgasm was so intense that I actually had to take myself out for the final surge – it felt like there was nowhere for the jizz to go. Not sure what would have happened if I’d stayed in?

Anyway, there you go.

If you love winking, then a Fleshlight (or comparable product) is the way to go.

Was it worth £35?

Erm, yes, yes it fucking was.

As a side note, if you have a bit of an issue with too much porn, think the FL can encourage you to ‘get on with it’ and stop edging, mainly because it makes you cum really, really nicely.

No offense, hands, but fuck you! As it were


… hands are rubbish!
















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  1. James, I really enjoyed reading your review. Could you also share which Fleshlight model you got? I own a Fleshlight flight myself and it’s awesome.

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