Ariana Grande Sex Dolls

5 Ariana Grande-Style Sex Dolls to Buy Now

A selection of Ariana grande sex dolls in TPE and silicone

Ariana Grande is one of the most beautiful women in the music business, so it’s little wonder so many doll collectors are hoping to find an Ariana sex doll.

For legal reasons there are no official Ariana Grande sex dolls on the market, but some doll brands have made TPE and silicone products that closely resemble the US pop star.

Technically, sex doll manufacturers are not really permitted to make dolls in the likeness of another person with out their permission, and guess what – Ms Grande has not given it!

However, if one scours the dolliverse, one will find a clutch of stunning dolls that resemble the Floridian angel that we all love.

NB: all the dolls below come with free shipping and customs paid, and you’ll receive photos of the doll before it gets sent out from the factory – to make sure you’re completely happy.

Ariana 1: 172cm (5ft7′) D-Cup Sexy Yoga Instructor – Layla

Sultry looking Ariana from WM Dolls

First up, let’s take a look at this 172cm doll from WM Dolls. Now when it comes to finding a doll that looks like Ariana, or anyone for that matter, the key thing is of course the face. We found that Head #56 from SRSD is amazingly close to what you’re seeking – sultry yet cute, seen here with a dark wig. Check out the link to see more photos of this beauty – coming from one of the world’s best known sex doll brands.

Ariana 2: 150cm (4ft11′) M-cup Ghetto Booty Sexy Doll – Shenika

An Ariana-style TPE doll with bigger breasts

Here we have the same #56 head on a shorter body, but with much bigger M-cup breasts. The larger chest doesn’t quite tally with the Ariana – nor does the voluptuous buttocks and thighs – but you can in fact choose any body you want with head number 56. She looks especially enigmatic in this photo. Check out the photo to see her in store!

Ariana 3: 160cm (5ft3′) B- Cup Puffy Boobs Sex Doll – Darcia

The cutie version of Ariana Grande, with perky tits and head number 57.

This perky-titted cutie is from AF Dolls, and comes with Head #57. You can of course have any head you want – just check out the full list on the link. We think this one has the cuteness of Ariana, though perhaps she is a little too demure? This doll shape certainly reflects the petite nature of Ms Grande – who comes in at just 1.53metres. This doll is just 7cm taller. But let’s face it, she probably won’t be standing up too often. This model’s B-cup breasts are a close match to Ariana’s 32A chest. We like this one because of the enigmatic slight pursing of the lips – like she could be about to get angry about not doing the washing up, but will probably just let you fuck her instead.

Ariana 4: 166cm (5ft5′) C-Cup Marion Love Doll

This model captures something of Ariana's sultry latina looks

Another WM Dolls beauty with Head 159 and C-cup breasts. We reckon this doll has the chin and the nose of Ariana – just tie her hair up tightly into a ponytail and you have an almost perfect Ariana lookalike doll. This model takes sultry to the next level, with dark latina eyes and perfectly sculpted midriff. Find the right clothes to go with her and she looks very much like the sexy pop-songstress we all adore. CLICK IMAGE TO SEE HER IN STORE!

A hyper-realistic Ariana Grande sex doll from Gynoid Dolls.

Ariana 5: Katia – 150cm | 5′ 0″ – C Cup (Model 9)

This stunner hails from the Gynoid stable and its price tag is enough to make your eyeballs water – but so is this girl’s incredible Ariana-like face. She’s also the right height (150cm) and body shape (slim with perky medium sized breasts). Gynoid have created a lot of buzz recently due to their attention to detail – for example, the skin even features moles and freckles, just like real skin. See more photos of her here!

The same luxury Ariana Grande style sex doll, from Gynoid Dolls of China.