Riley (Selena) Sex Doll – TPE

Mid-range silicone sex dolls

Ohh, matron?

As with many females names, Riley has found itself connected with a number of sex dolls – but in general the name is used in relation to 1AM or WM Dolls models. Because it is not very high, the Riley Sex Doll uses a lot less TPE material than taller dolls – which in turn makes it much more affordable than bigger alternatives.

Who makes Riley?

Dolls sold under the Riley name are generally made in China by 1AM. However, WM Dolls produces a very similar model, which by all accounts is of excellent quality. This doll is sometimes referred to as Selena on the forums. The WM Doll 100 is also known as Asia Doll Suri, just to make it a little more complex.

Those D-Cup tits wobble very nicely and according to reviewers feel very realistic.

Check out WM Dolls video of those amazingly soft and wobbly tits below:

The close up looks particularly convincing. You can get hold of a doll similar in size to the TPE Riley doll from here:

You don’t have to pay for shipping and they basically send it anywhere in the world. Not sure if you could get one into North Korea mind you, but then again Kim Jon Il probably has an account with some big dollmaker in China.

Basic Riley Dimensions:

Mmm, just right....

Mmm, just right….

For those who have yet to buy a high end sex doll, the Riley love doll represents a good choice, not least because it is made by one of the world’s most trusted manufacturers.

Irish Sex Doll?

For those looking for something Gaelic to fuck, Riley is the closest thing you’ll find. Riley is derived from Reilly, and nearly everyone in Ireland is called Reilly. However, the connection ends there: this doll was made in a factory in Shenzhen, China.

How Strong is this doll?

There’s no denying that silicone is more robust than TPE – but TPE is a lot cheaper and for people who like realistic feeling breasts and ass, it comes up trumps over silicone alternatives. Unless you like feeling your doll’s face when making love to it (in which case silicone is better), then a TPE could tick the right boxes.

Small Delivery Box

Speaking of boxes, smaller sized dolls like this are a lot less coffin-like when arriving at your door – a nice little bonus to choosing the Riley.

Easy Doll to Manoeuvre (i.e. Shag)

Riley is ideal if you’re looking for a lighter doll (as opposed to one of the larger big-butt or pregnant type dolls). Anyone who’s been to bed with a 165cm silicone doll knows that they can be tricky to manoeuvre into different positions – so this is a good choice if you change positions a lot, or maybe haven’t been down to the gym much lately!

Vagina Depth

Deep enough for most chaps. If you need more info on her pussy or her anus (yes, she has one of those too) you can get it here.

Cheaper Sex Doll

One of the best things about the Riley Sex Doll doll is the price – a fact which makes buying one a lot less stressful. Naturally, a more modestly sized doll takes less material to make than, say, a fat or a pregnant style sex doll. It’s also less worrying if you buy from a reputable doll seller, like Sexy Real Sex Dolls.

Riley Sex Doll on Alibaba or AliExpress – Are They Fake?

Look at those beauties

Look at those beauties

A quick browse on AliBaba or AliExpress for a Riley 100 throws up a lot of tantalising prices. But as one member of The Doll Forum pointed out, Alibaba was the Thief of Baghdad! But seriously, some forums suggest that most dolls on those websites are rather scammy – either the doll is fake or it doesn’t arrive.  That said, a minority of sellers are straight – but by paying a couple hundred dollars more to an approved retailer you have the peace of mind of actually getting the doll.

DHGate is also less than kosher.

Want a Riley doll?

You can pick from five heads and lots of hair types, as well as eye colour, nail colour – and skin colour (you can go for white, natural or tan).

Give yourself the gift that keeps on giving!