Is a sex doll worth the money?

Life is short, so why not enjoy yourself? Here we look at why a sex doll is an investment in your mental and physical well-being. After all, “sex is life”, so why shouldn’t you explore the possibilities?

Why buying a sex doll is a great investment

For many first-time sex doll buyers, parting with that big chunk of cash can be a bit of a worry. But for the majority of owners, it’s one of the best and most exciting purchases they’ll ever make. For less than a month’s wages, you could get your very own sultry vixen – just as you like her.

Your ideal girlfriend

You can choose from countless body shapes and facial designs. Love black girls? Big-butt girls? Skinny girls with pale skin? No problem! Spend a little time browsing the available dolls and you’ll soon discover the perfect doll for your tastes.

Dressing and posing

For many doll owners, it’s not just the sex that’s fun. They also like to dress their girls up, pose them, and photograph them. The entire process can be a joy.

Jasmine sex doll in TPE

Unforgettable, thrilling sex

But let’s face it – blistering, unbridled sex is what its all about for many guys. From doing it doggy-style to good old-fashioned missionary, she’ll be up for anything. And of you fancy trying a little oral or anal sex, almsot every modern doll possesses these capabilities too.

Indulge your fantasies – for years to come

As regards sexual enjoyment, a doll is much cheaper than frequent dating or paying for sex. An entry-level doll might cost the same as 10-20 visits from a paid lady; and you’ll get potentially hundreds, if not thousands of exciting sexual experiences from a doll over its lifetime. The same goes for dating – the cost of all those dates can mount up over time. If you take good care of her, she’ll take good care of you – for many years!

No STDs, no babies

And with a doll, you’ll never risk catching a sexually transmitted disease. You’ll also never get accidentally get her pregnant (although pregnant-style sex dolls are available too!). Raising a child costs on average $233,610 according to SpendMeNot, so you’ve saved nearly a quarter of a million straight away!

Enjoying your own company

If you’re currently enjoying your won company more than usual – for example due to coronavirus – then buying a sex doll might make sense.

There are none of the stresses and embarrassments of human interaction; no arguments; no breakups – just lots of wonderful sex.

Sex dolls worth every cent

Enjoy her (or him) with your partner

Some doll lovers buy their doll so it can be enjoyed with a partner or sex friend. This can be a great way to spice up your bedroom activities. And don’t forget, there are lots of male sex dolls available too. You can even buy a penis that fits into your female sex doll’s pussy, so she can double as a man or a transexual – perfect if you’ve ever been to Thailand and met a few beautiful ladyboys and wish to recreate those sultry nights in Bangkok!

She’ll never say no

And if you ask your sex doll to dress up in a skimpy bikini or a schoolgirl outfit, they will always say yes – unlike a lot of real-life girlfriends! And of course if talking dirty, or engaging in more “vigorous” sex is your thing, she’ll be only too happy to oblige. Just ask Masayuki Ozaki, who swapped his wife for a sex doll! (source).

Great after a breakup or bereavement

Sex dolls are also great value if you’re recently broekn up with a lady and need some time to yourslef. They are also used by people who have been bereaved, and who need a ‘stop gap’ between relationships. And a doll has the presence of a real person, reducing any sense of lonesomeness. There are now even services that re-create the likeness of someone who’s passed away (source).

A sex doll will never judge you!

She’ll never roll her eyes at you for wanting a bed-time blow-job; or sigh when you ask her to slip into that skimpy yellow bikini. She’ll always be there, waiting to enjoy your loving attentions!

How long will my sex doll last?

A high quality sex doll will last you many years, especailly if you take good care of her (or him). For example, try not to sit her in the same position for a long time, since this can deform the material – whether TPE or silicone. It’s also important not to dress her in dark-coloured clothing for a long time, since this can stain the skin. Of course, this means you’ll need to undress her often, which is no bad thing!

The cost of extras: clothes, wigs, makeup

After the initial cost, you’re unlikely to pay much more, unless you accidentally damage your doll – in which case you can use special glues to fix any tears yourself. Over time, you may need to undertake minor repairs, but this costs just a few dollars/pounds – for repair kits.  

But many doll owners like to buy new clothes for their dolls, so they can enjoy a different look. Wigs and makeup can also be brought to enhance a style – these can be purchased from regular clothing and makeup shops.

The utimate sex toy

A sex doll is simply an elaborate sex toy – but one that is a million times more exciting than a Fleshlight or other simple silicone toy. There’s nothing like slowly undressing your girl, parting those beautiful legs and seeing that beautiful pink hole – ready and waiting to be pierced by your throbbing manhood! And let’s not forget those loving kisses and warm embraces!

Enjoy your life

Life is short, so why should you spend time worrying about what others think? Besides, no one will ever know, unless you show off your doll, or use her as a sex toy with a another person. You live in a free country and you should be able to do what you darn well please with your hard-earned cash. 

For most doll lovers, a doll is cheap at twice the price.

It’s time to enjoy yourself – you deserve it!