For those who haven’t got the cash for a full-size love doll, there are a wide range of smaller sex dolls which come with a corresponding price tag. Check out the popular sex dolls from this trusted retailer.

What constitutes a less-tall sex doll is open for debate, but they generally come in at under 1.5m and visually represent a grown woman. Some would argue dolls that are not a realistic height should be placed in the ‘mini’ category.

Just because they are smaller in stature, doesn’t mean that they are any less detailed than regular dolls. However, in such an increasingly crowded market place, it’s little wonder that some products are not up to scratch. That’s why it is important to read a number of reviews before you place an order.

Riley Sex Doll (1.5m)

One of the most popular less-tall sex dolls in recent years has been the famous 1.5cm sex doll called Riley. Again, she is cheaper because she requires less silicone to make. You will often find her in places like Alibaba or AliExpress for very low prices (perhaps $500 or less).  In some instances, they take a very long time to arrive or do not arrive at all. It’s advisable to pay a little more for your Riley doll at a reputable retailer. You can buy a similar doll to Riley here if you want (I get a small commission from the sale).

Looking for something a little bit larger than one of the many 1.5m sex dolls out there? Check out some of the hottest new pregnant sex doll products on the market right now.

Less Tall Love Dolls

Made from both TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and silicone, mini sex dolls are increasing in popularity, as a number of salacious videos have demonstrated in recent times. While care has to be taken with both silicone and TPE dolls, the TPE dolls must be treated especially carefully – which means taking more care than in those videos. TPE ears, especially, should be handled with care.

While not exactly a mainstream sex toy, the mini love doll is likely to become so soon, thanks to cheaper dolls from China and ever more realistic looking products. Even Amazon now stocks a range of these items, including smaller, lower-cost products. Despite their diminutive size, most mini dolls come complete with workable vaginas, anuses and mouths, although at the one foot end of the market you’re unlikely to get all three!