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Top 10 Most Popular Sex Dolls in the World (2016)

With so many sex doll manufacturers around – many of them high end – you may well wonder which is the most popular.

Answering this question is not as cut-and-dried as we would like it to be. How easy would it be to get sales data from the various sex doll brands around the globe?

Not very.

So here at we’ve come up with the next best thing. In our YouTube video Top Ten Most Popular Sex Dolls in the World (2016), we’ve analysed global search volumes for the key brands – that is, how many people search for a brand around the world each month (averaged across a year).

As a secondary pointer, we looked at the number of indexed pages for each brand. For most brands this is easy, but for others, which have names similar to other products (some generic), it’s a bit trickier.

But we think we’ve got our top 10 pretty much spot-on with these two pieces of data.

Do you agree with our findings?


We should mention a few of the also-rans.

Ruby13 doll, Boy toy, Z-onedoll, Abyss, Dreamdoll, Candy8teen dolls and Aiko dolls were not far off the pace. Maybe we’ll create a Top 20 and put them in there.

Let us know what you think of our top 10 below!