Approved / Blacklisted Sex Doll Retailers

APPROVEDThinking about buying a sex doll from a particular retailer? Check to see if they have been Approved by Below this list you will also find a Caution Advised list/Blacklist of retailers that may not provide customers with an adequate service. Blacklisted retailers are known or suspected to have supplied dolls of inferior quality, imitation dolls, or even to have taken payment but not sent the product at all.

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Company Secondary websites? Location Brands Worldwide delivery?
Realistic-love-doll(.com) Hong Kong/China, French management Various brands Yes  APPROVED
passiondolls(.com) China Various brands Yes  APPROVED
Dreamdoll( Germany (Dolls made in USA & France) Incrididoll; Dreamdoll Yes  APPROVED
SexyRealSexDolls (.com) USA WM Dolls; Z-Onedoll (HitDoll) Yes  APPROVED
Lucy’s Sex Doll Shop – LucysDolls (.com) UK Various Yes  APPROVED
SexySexDoll (.com) Hong Kong WM Dolls, YL Dolls; ZOne, DS, 6YE Doll, CM, OR Yes  APPROVED
OVDoll(.com) Chinese factory, offices Japan, UK, USA Various Yes  APPROVED
xsdolls(.com),,,,, China WM Dolls, YL Dolls, JN Dolls, OR Dolls, Sanhui Dolls & DS Doll Yes  APPROVED
reallovesexdolls(.com) China WM Dolls Yes  APPROVED
KanojoToys(.com) Japan Various Yes  APPROVED
CloudClimax(.com) UK Various Yes  APPROVED


Customdolls ( UK Issues: Some forum reviews have suggested inferior quality Maidendolls are being sold as WM Dolls CAUTIONADVISED
siliconesexdoll (  USA registered but likely Far East Appeared on forums as being a scam site.  BLACKLISTED2
sexdollwarehouse (.com)  USA  Website claims to sell silicone/TPE sex dolls but sends only blow-up dolls. Issues reported to TDF forum. Avoid.  BLACKLISTED2


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